Green Anemone

green sea anemone
I’m not up on my anthozoans – is this a giant green anemone? Or is it just an anemone that happens to be green?

I photographed this green sea anemone at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. In accordance with their photography policy, this image is NOT covered by the Creative Commons license I use for most images on this site. All rights reserved for this one.

Pink Water Lily

pink water lily

I’m not sure what species/cultivar of waterlily this is; Nymphaea something-or-other, probably. Googling for other people with pictures of pink water lilies, it seems the consensus is N. odorata – but there are so many Nymphaea cultivars, it’s impossible to figure out which.

Tomato Seedling

Tomato seedling on a white background

Not sure what variety of tomato this seedling was. That year, I grew a bunch of tomatoes from seed that I got at a seed swap – the tomatoes turned out fine, but they were hardly the beefsteaks I’d been told the parent plant produced! Tomatoes never get as big for me as they do for some gardeners I know. Since some of the tomato plants from that seed grew up potato-leaved I suspect it may have been a hybrid, not an heirloom tomato variety. Oh well, it’s hard to object to homegrown tomatoes.

Italian parsley

Italian parsley, Petroselinum crispum
Does anyone know why this variety of parsley is associated with Italy? Italian parsley (aka flat-leaf parsley) is certainly better to cook with than curly-leaf parsley, seems to have more flavor and withstands cooking a bit better. And Italian cuisine always knows what’s up.

I’ve taken to eating parsley on sandwiches lately. I’m usually too lazy to make parsley pesto, I just use the straight leaves, but pesto is an excellent replacement for mayonnaise.

Flat-leaf parsley

Flat-leaf parsley, Petroselinum crispum
I’ve never been a fan of curly-leaf parsley – it’s cute, and crunchy, but it lacks the flavor of the flat-leaved variety. Parsley is an easy enough herb to grow, too, though I’ve found that mine often flowers waaay before schedule (parsley is supposed to be a biennial) – perhaps the California lack of winter is too confusing for the poor plant.

Central Tower, Pasadena City Hall

Central tower of Pasadena City Hall
Another view of Pasadena City Hall’s central tower, more oblique this time – you can see the detailing surrounding the 5th story arches. The lion’s head at the top of the arch symbolizes strength.

For more on the architecture of Pasadena’s City Hall, check out the City of Pasadena’s page about the building.

Pasadena City Hall

Dome of the Pasadena City Hall
Central dome and tower of Pasadena’s City Hall. The tiles on the dome were originally multicolored, but are now all red. I have no idea why they changed it, but the red does fit in nicely with other red tile roofs in the area.

More on City Hall History, Architecture and Current Condition is available from the City of Pasadena, as part of the City Hall seismic retrofitting project.

Beige Fire Escape

fire escape on a beige building with blue-green windows
Took this one on a walk in Pasadena a few years back.

Blue Tie-Dye Burst

two overlapping blue tie-dye bursts
Same t-shirt as the previous entry, slightly different view.

Blotchy Blue Tie-Dye Burst

Blotchy blue tie-dye burst
For this one I used “brilliant blue” and teal dyes… not sure the brilliant blue is really all that brilliant. Plus, the center blotch is just odd.

Larger versions of this picture (1024×768, 1280×960) are available at the tie-dye desktop backgrounds page.